The Pygmy rabbit is one of only two rabbit species with the ability to dig it's own burrow. It's the world's smallest leporid, weighing at approximately 1.102 Ibs, with short ears and hind legs.

Polar Bears are considered to be marine mammals along with seals, sea lions, walruses, whales, and dolphins. Polar Bears evolved approximately 1-3 million years ago from grizzly bears. Polar Bears can grow large on diets of abundant seals without having to den for shelter. Most polar bears have access to seals as food all winter, eliminating the need to den. The outer layer of fur is hollow with the reflection of white, camouflaging in icy conditions. The bears have a thick layer of fact beneath the fur as an insulation to trap heat.


Male bears can weight more than 1,700 pounds while females are typically 1,000 pounds. The average bear lives up to 30 years. Global warming conditions have caused the polar bears to become extremely vulnerable. Rising temperatures in the world's oceans are causing sea ice to disappear for longer periods of time.


Grasshoppers are plant-eaters of vegetables and crops. They are affected by parasites and other diseases. Some are omnivorous which eat animal tissue.  Amur Tigers...


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About Us:   Naturistic Shoes is created to inspire, encourage, and motivate people around the globe to take initiative into preserving the worlds' critically vulnerable, critically endangered, and endangered species. All designs are in commemoration of such.

Przewalski's horses, are the last known wild horses, located in Mongolia. They are deemed critically endangered horses in which their DNA derives from a common ancestor over 500,000 years ago.

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Grevy Zebras is the largest extant wild equid as well as the largest and most threatened species out the three classified zebras. There  population has declined but is currently stable.

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