About Us:   Naturistic Shoes is created to inspire, encourage, and motivate people around the globe to take initiative into preserving the worlds' critically vulnerable, critically endangered, and endangered species. All designs are in commemoration of such.

    "Inspi​ring youth and ad​ults through fun, creative, and artistic designs about endangered species."

"Flamingos Dancing in Water" 

"Life's best Adventure is in nature!"

"Galapagos Sea Lion Full of Pride" 

      "Available Products in store & online:" 

"Brown Grevy's Zebra in the African Dessert" 

"Sea Turtles Set Free" 

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"Polar Bears in the Arctic Zone" 

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"Ladybugs in the midst of Javanese Rhino" 

"Radiant Blue Butterfly with African Elephant" 

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